Taste of Texas Recipe for Chicken Cacciatori

During the summer we got to taste some excellent BBQ sauce from Taste of Texas, well Vivian (The Boss) at Taste of Texas wanted to remind us that they did more that BBQ and now that the cold weather is here, she send us a recipe to help with the cold winter nights..

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We review Mr Vikki’s Tomato and Nigella Chutney

Today I get the pleasure of reviewing a Mr Vikki’s sauce – something I have never done before! Darth Naga, Mrs Naga and Marty seem to steal them all before I get the opportunity, but I successfully got one in the end!

My first thought about this product (other than “WOW a Mr Vikki product for ME to review, YAY”) was “WHAT ON EARTH IS NIGELLA?”, of course I now know the answer to this question, so I shall enlighten you! A Nigella plant is related to the Buttercup, and its seeds are found in a similar head to that of a poppy. They are often used in Indian cooking and give off a peppery smell when crushed

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Hot Headz – Naga Beef Jerky Review

Okay, let me start off by saying there aren’t many things I flout in life, rules are there for a reason, decisions are made according to moral’s and many other of these is my personal choice to bePescetarian..a diet that consists of fish and vegetables, no red or white meat…until this review.

I will explain myself in due course, I will also explain how I dropped my pescetarianism for a few moments as my personal sacrifice to the chilli community as a whole.

Let me start by saying that the product I’m reviewing today comes from the company that we in the UK have come to know, love and trust, as the UK’s premier supplier of US hotsauces and products, at very decent prices! I am of course talking about Hot-Headz!

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Availability of  both Trinidad Scorpion Butch T andNaga Viper seeds has been in sort supply if not impossible since one after the bother they became the Worlds Hottest Chillies, that is according the Guinness Book of Records.

Chilliqueen – Scotch Bonnet Brown Sauce

Chilliqueen produce a large range of chilli inspired products, they tend to be on the mild but tasty side of the chilli market, their use of chillies is to enhance the flavour of the other ingredients. If you removed the chilli you would still have a basically very good product.

This sauce is a nice dark brown colour, it has a slightly thinner in consistency that HP brown sauce which is a lot sweeter (not always a good point, even if they have changed the recipe to lower the sugar content) this sauce also contains a few pieces of tomato and other ingredients floating in the mix.

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Some recipes ideas from Maya Pieris of Four Seasons Preserves

Maya Pieris from Four Seasons Preserves makes some very interesting Chutneys, we have tried that at different events (We must get them sent in for review) and while at Chutfest 2011 I asked Maya for some recipe ideas as it is always interesting to see what you can make with them, and who better to ask than the producer.

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Vivien Lloyd’s First Preserves (A master class in preserving)

It has been a while since we did a book review, but this book as arrived at ChileFoundry HQ and it has bowled us over, if you are into making preserves at home this is the first book you should buy.

In the 1980’s Vivien Lloyd taught herself to make preserves, she is now a well know and respected maker who runs here own courses and has even produced a DVD. I reviewed her Tomato and Chilli Chutney a long time ago, and we have corresponded a few times since then, I  finally got to meet Vivian at Chutfest 2011 at Barrington Court, she was judging the Chutney competition and showing her new book First Preserves.

The book provides a great basis for understanding the process and problems of preserving, what equipment you will need before embarking on recipes, everybody can learn from this book it is a master class in how to keep people hooked, the writing is easy to follow with excellent photographic illustrations of each process, so you will know exactly what to expect when you start.

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Is Chillilicious the most northerly UK Commercial Chilli Grower?
ChileFoundry Has New Tumblr Account

Well just out of interest we have set up a Tumble account, we will try to find out how to use it.